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STREAM Education


STREAM education is a comprehensive, holistic and unique educational approach integrating Science, Technology, Reading, EngineeringArts, and Mathematics. This approach allows the students to apply their learning in real life situations thus reaching the conceptual understanding. This course is made for educators all over the world to start their new teaching strategies, change the perspectives and go deep through STREAM education. It contains fruitful ideas to be used with students in classrooms and in extracurricular clubs. It helps using many important educational platforms like wakelet, sway, thinglink, scratch, cospaces edu and canva.This course also is nice for students to consider it as an extra-curricular club that teaches them using the platforms mentioned above. STREAM education course helps educators in building the 21st century skills in their students and prepare them for the future careers. This is not only a course, it's a collection of ideas that any educator needs to think of, it's a plan for clubs that any student enjoys. By the end of STREAM Education course, educators will have a plenty of ideas that can be implemented in their plans and curriculum. We, as educators, are the wheels that will lead the world to the biggest change. Let us be the change!

Who this course is for:

  • Educators