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Sass Course For Beginners: Learn Sass & SCSS From Scratch


Sass Course For Beginners: Learn Sass & SCSS From Scratch

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course:

Word-By-Word Explanation: In the entire course, I explain each line of code, without skipping a single line of code.

Awesome Quality Content: Over 3.5 hours of HD Videos.

Well Structured & Easy To Learn: Course has been specially designed to make it easy for the students to learn Sass to create clean, efficient and reusable designs.

24 X 7 Support: I will always be there to guide you in your journey to become Python expert.

Note: Student queries and problems will be answered immediately.


Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

The Complete Course is divided into 17 Major sections

Section 1: Introduction To Sass, Sass vs SCSS.

Section 2: Compiling Sass Code & Variables.

Section 3: Nesting.

Section 4: Mixins & Passing Arguments To Mixins.

Section 5: Partials & Imports.

Section 6: Sass Interactive Shell & Arithmetic In Sass.

Section 7: Functions.

Section 8: Extend.

Section 9: Conditional Statements.

Section 10: Sass Operators.

Section 11: Maps In Sass

Section 12: Strings & String Functions.

Section 13: Lists & Each.

Section 14: Placeholder Selectors.

Section 15: Interpolation.

Section 16: Loops In Sass.

Section 17: Sass Frameworks, Building A Portfolio Site.

First we start off by learning the basics of Sass, we will learn what is Sass and how Sass can be used to write efficient code to style the webpages. We will also learn about the Sass preprocessor and also learn about the Sass and the SCSS syntax.

We will then install the required tools along with VS code and the Sass preprocessor which is required to compile Sass code into CSS code.

We will then move on and learn about nesting to nest our selectors one inside the others using the SCSS syntax.

Moving along we will learn about how to use Mixins to reuse code, we will learn the syntax to create and use Mixins.

Next we will learn about partials & imports and understand how we can modularise our code by splitting our code into multiple files and then integrating it all together using imports.

We will then have a brief overview of the Sass interactive shell and learn how to use it, we will also perform Arithmetic operations using the Sass interactive shell.

Moving along we will learn how to create functions in Sass, the syntax for creating & calling functions in Sass.

Then we will learn about the use of extends which allows us to inherit properties of one selector to other.

We will also learn about the Sass conditional statements if, else which allow us to alter properties based upon a condition.

We will learn about Maps, Strings & Lists which are the data structure used to store data in Sass, we will also learn about various in-built Sass string functions which allow us to manipulate strings.

We then learn about the placeholder selectors in sass which further enhance the maintainability and efficient of our code.

We also learn about interpolation which is an extremely important concept in Sass which is used for variable substitution.

To automate the process of creating selectors, we also learn about loops and learn how loops such as the For loop and the while loop can be used to automate creation of CSS selectors.

Finally we have a brief overview of foundation, which is a Sass framework to create responsive sites. In this section we will also create a portfolio site using Foundation & Sass.


So let's begin the journey of writing cleaner and efficient code with Sass.

In addition to the Udemy 30-day money back guarantee,you have my personal guarantee that you will love what you learn in this course. If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me directly and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!


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Ashutosh Pawar

Who this course is for:

  • You already know how to design sites with HTML & CSS and want to learn an easy & efficient way to write CSS
  • You want to write maintainable and scalable CSS
  • You want to modularise your code
  • You want to work on big projects and want an easier way to write styles for your webpages
  • You want to maximise code reuse.
  • You want to use frameworks like Bootstrap / Foundation along with Sass to create awesome looking webpages
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